The Good Lie

In the movie, brotherhood is an important concept. When the three brothers moved to Kansas City in the US together, you could easily tell that they enjoyed each others company. Not only did they love being together, but they also protected one another. When for example Paul started doing drugs he wasn´t acting like his normal self, and all the brothers had to do was to calm him down and he stopped doing it. They showed him compassion, and accepted that he found it a hard time to live in the US and that he is struggling. Just them doing the most simple things like eating pizza together showed how much they cared for each other because they were so happy together while doing these types of things.

The impressions we are left with after watching their bond in the movie is that even though you are going through something rough or something as difficult as what they went through, you can be happy if you are surrounded by the right people. Even though you might have a bad day, it can be turned completely upside down if you are with people that you love. These brothers have real love for each other, and that is what made them fight through hard times together.


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