Problems under the sea

Under the sea, we are currently facing a lot of problems. The biggest problem that we are facing is today is all the plastic that is under the ocean. Thousands and thousands of whales, fishes, sea turtles etc. experiences inhaling plastic, and they end up with not having enough space in them for food. Then the plastic will become more and more fatal and the fishes might end up dying.  Since there is so much plastic there and we can´t really get rid off it all in the sea, we can only try to save what we can on land and in the sea.

We watched a documentary called “The Plastic Whale”, and it was about a whale in Norway that was found dying on the coast with 30 plastic bags in its stomach. While watching it I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. The reason why is because I didn’t know it was this much of an issue. I didn’t know they could inhale that much plastic, to the point where they could end up dead. How this movie made an impact on me, was that it made me so much aware that plastic is more dangerous than it looks. It made me realize that just doing small things like recycling plastic can save lives from the ocean. I never would have thought that plastic could easily kill something that easily, and honestly it kind of scares me. A life in the sea means as much as us humans do, and that is why I want to help them.

If us humans were to put more effort in helping the life in the sea, we could definitely save a lot of lives. We will never be able to save all lives, by the fact that there is already so much plastic in the sea, but we could still make a huge impact on saving them. An easy thing we could all do is to recycle, and also help out the community by picking up plastic we see outside. Simple things like this aren´t as simple as we think it is, because we save lives by doing it.


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