My son the fanatic and free for all

Both of the stories are about moving to a new country, and some of the poeple in the stories are trying to fit in and adapting themselves to a new culture. That was not the case for everyone though. The son in the “My son the fanatic” found it quite hard to fit in the new country, so did the father in “free for all”. They were the people in the stories that struggled the most, even though everyone did. So both of the stories shows that it is not that easy for everyone to move to a new country and culture. People can feel so comfortable living the life they did, so they don`t want to move on from that. Also having no friends when you move to a new country can lead to being very lonely, so people will start assuming things about you that might not be true. Being alone and feeling like you have no one can talk to, can make people think that something else is going up with you. Like for example the son in the first story was very lonely, and his father started assuming that he did drugs since he acted a strange way.

That showed that him and his father didnt have a very honest father and son relationship, which they should have had since he had no one else besides his father. In both of the stories the fathers wanted to stop what the sons did, but they did it in different ways.  The father and son from the other movie had a complicated relationship, where the father didnt like what the son did so he used violence. Both of the stories ended up with violence.

What the two stories are saying about multiculturalism is that some cultures can`t live with eachother, since the father and son in the first story ended up with misunderstanding eachother. It is also saying that it can be hard to adapt yourself in a new country with another culture, but doing things you love doing is something you need to do to make you happy.


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