International day

We, today’s youth, will soon inherit the earth. Then it is our common task to distribute resources, provide peace and ensure that the climate is safeguarded. This is no easy task. Today, many people live in injustice and poverty because others live in wealth. We are all oil children, a generation who lives with the consequences of the oil, on good and bad. Whether we are born in any other country in the world, we are all affected by the oil. Nigeria are now being overridden by the world’s biggest oil disaster. “We are all oil children” is the operation´s day work slogan/expression. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the problem in Nigeria and also raise money to them. On OD-day students in schools from all over the country donate 400kr for an important matter. What I did for example was to clean my entire house to earn the money.

In the international day there were different rooms around the school where you could either for example listen to someone talk about Zimbabwe or Venezuela in the human library, or you could go to rooms like the reflection room. Since I chose to have international English this year I had to be a “guard” in two rooms I chose that I wanted to attend, and I chose the black box and Zimbabwe. The reason why I chose those rooms was because I like hearing about different cultures and situations in other countries, and I think theatre can be interesting to watch sometimes.

Since I chose those rooms to be a part of, my group and I had to make posters about the rooms. On the Zimbabwe poster we drew the African map, and where the country was on the map. We also drew their flag and wrote a few facts about the country. Instead of just writing the word Zimbabwe on it, we drew and wrote so that people would know what it was about specifically. My group and I didn’t even know that it was a place in Africa that was called that, so we figured more people than us might not know about it too. While we were guards outside the room we made sure to tell people that were nearby the classroom that they can go in the Zimbabwe room, since you could go in while the people were presenting. In some rooms though you had to wait outside until whatever happened in the room was finished.

What I really liked about the international day was that you could go to whatever room you wanted to attend from what you are interested in. Since you could do that, then people really payed attention at the rooms they went into. Something else I liked about the international day was that it lasted almost the entire school day. If I remember correctly, last year it only lasted for 4 or 3 hours. Since we got more time this year, it gave us enough time to attend all the rooms we wanted to go to. There are a few things though that I didn’t think was good enough planned, or should be different next year. That is that people from the human library (Zimbabwe room) that were going to have a presentation came to the school too late. Which meant that the students had to wait for a long time without doing anything while waiting. I heard that there were also other rooms that had the same problem, so they had to shut down rooms for a few hours. This is something that should be changed till next year, so that rooms won´t be shut down.

What I learned from this project was obviously about the oil problem in Nigeria, and that we can do things like this project to help them out. I also learned what Zimbabwe was, and that it is a country in Africa. Also during the process of preparing the international day I learned that you have to work very fast, and not work so detailed with the posters because then it will take a long time. I actually really liked the posters I made with my groups. We worked fast on it, and they turned out great. If I were to only evaluate me right now and not my groups and I, I will say that I did everything I was told to do and I did them with a smile on my face. When it comes to how I worked on the international day and not the preparation, I will say that I could have talked to more students about the different rooms. I kind of held myself back from that, because I felt like the students already knew where they were going.

Even though there were things that needs to change on the next international day, there were obviously more good things than bad. The fact that the school flew people from different countries that had other cultures than us, just so that they could talk about them is amazing! International day is a fun idea for the students to attend, and I hope that it will be every year.


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