Girl rising

Girl Rising is an award-winning documentary about the benefits of educating girls. It introduces nine different girls from Haiti, Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Egypt, Peru, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, and Afghanistan. Their struggle is getting an education so they can achieve their dreams. The powerful documentary shows why all girls should get an education. The movie is a part of the girl rising campaign, and it was released in 2013. The main reason why girls don’t get to go to school is because their parents tell them in an early age that they are going to become housewife’s, and get married soon. Parents won’t even let them out of their houses because of sexual assault. 33 million less girls go to primary school then boys. If all girls could get education it would improve their health, get them jobs, a safe future and much more. The biggest reason why girls die in such a young age, is because of giving birth when they are way too young. A girl from the movie that survived after going through this is Amina.

Amina is a young girl from Afghanistan. Her story made the greatest impression on me, and the reason why is because she never gave up. Even though all of the girls went through terrible things and never gave up, I was left with the impression that her experience was the worst. This young girl started working when she was three years old, she could get killed by her brother, her father or another family member because she wanted an education, she got married to her cousin when she was eleven, and gave birth at the same age. The reason why I was left with that impression was because she went through all that, and she still kept on fighting. After everything had happened she went to school, and if anyone tried to stop her she would fight back and find a way through. That is such an important message that could teach young girls all over the world if they heard her story.

The movie´s quote “One girl with courage is a revolution” means that if a girl is brave enough to fight for her rights it can change a nation, a region or a religion. It is the perfect phrase for the movie, because that is what the film is trying to show in different stories. The stories had this impact on me where I kind of got lost in them, because they were so interesting. By interesting I mean that I learned a lot from them. I learned a lot from different cultures and religions, and different problems that other people have that I don’t have in my daily life.

I would never be able to understand what the nine girls were feeling or put myself in their shoes, because I have never experienced anything that they have or anything similar. The only thing I can do is to acknowledge their emotional hardships, and understand that people go through other things than me, even though they can be horrible things. Since I will never experience getting no education, having an arranged marriage, or give birth at a young age, it makes it hard for me to envision how it is to live their lives. I feel like most people watching this film will feel the same. Also for the people that are not familiar with these problems, they will be shocked. They will most likely have this feeling left inside of them forever where they think that they are lucky to not be in these nine girls position´s, and they will feel blessed that they live the life they live, even though it is not perfect.

I would recommend this movie to people who like to learn about different cultures and religions, and how they live their everyday life. If you like to learn how young girls fight their battle on getting an education, and how they get confident in themselves and seeing them going from misery to them getting happy, you will definitely love this movie. I definitely give this movie a ten out of ten, because the movie gave only good messages to the viewers that everything will work out at the end if you truly believe it will.


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