How Brennan Gilmore became fake news

Brennan Gilmore wrote an article about a terrible situation he was a part of on 12 of August, when he witnessed a nazi drive a car into a street full of people in Charlottesville. He made a video while it happened, and he posted in on twitter. Brennan thought through a lot before he posted it, and he even asked family and friends to be 100% sure. The video he posted had over 100 000 likes and 90 000 retweets. The thing that made the video become as big as it did, was that people started making conspiracy theories about him being a CIA operative. That was only one of many theories made of him, and the reason why that became a theory was because people thought that there would be no way that someone with his background just happened to be right there to take the video. So people thought he had something to do with the incident.

The fact that people could even make that up just because of his background, makes me frustrated. I understand that no one could know the story of his life by just looking at him, but no one should ever judge someone by them having a different religion, culture and background. What i learned from this article and the situation, which i already kind of knew, is that you can never assume and start to believe something, before you know it is true. If you believe the wrong things, then the lies will just pile up and it will become even more lies.

Something i would like to know after reading his article is simply just knowing if he is okay.  He must feel terrible after everyone assuming and making theories about him working with the nazi, and other things. I could never agree with the people making the theories or believe them, because they are just theories. I can still understand why people believed the theories. It is very easy to believe everything that you see on the internet, that is why you should know the truth before you judge.


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