Global poverty

Poverty is all around the world. Either we are a part of it, or we see it on the news or hear about it in school. African countries dominate the ranking of the 25 poorest  countries in the world. Some of the places are Niger, Madagascar, Mali and Malawi. That is only a few of the countries that have poverty. What i am going to discuss in this blog post is how we can stop poverty in not only those countries, but all poverty around the world, which is called global poverty.

Something i believe is the most important thing to do first, is to build more schools in places where children and adults dont already have education. If children get the education they need, then especially girls dont have to become housewives in the future. That means that women can get the same jobs as men, which means that there will be gender equality. Also access to health care is essential, so that children can grow up healthy and strong. Something else that is important for children is water and sanitation, and it is a essential for every child´s survival.

This is just a few things we can do to help people in poverty, and an organization that does that is called “plan international”. They help by doing all the things i wrote, and so much more. Since not everyone is a part of a organization then you can do other things to help out poverty. You can donate money or clothes to people that need it. You can also sponsor children in poor countries and send money through an organization until they are 18, so they can get health care and go to school. This is a common thing to do in Norway, and me and my family have done it in many years!

In conclusion, i believe that if we all try to decrease poverty in different ways, either that is to join an organization or simply just donate money, it can help so much. So why shouldn’t we all help?


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