Queen Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth 1 var dronning av England fra 1558 til 1603, som var til hennes død. Hun var datter av Henrik 8 og hans andre dronning Anne Boleyn. Ved Marias død i 1558 ble Elizabeth dronning. Hennes svoger Filip 2 og senere flere andre fyrster fridde til henne, men hun ville ikke gifte seg og utnyttet frieriene utenrikspolitisk. Selv giftet Elizabeth seg aldri, til tross for at hun hadde en lang rekke friere

Elizabeth regnes som en av Englands betydeligste regenter. I tillegg til å ha politisk teft og evne til å håndtere vanskelige situasjoner, var hun en god menneskekjenner og valgte fremragende rådgivere. Den elisabethanske tiden, som har fått navn etter Elizabeth, blir ofte framstilt som en gullalder av historikere. I hennes regjeringstid ble England en økonomisk stormakt med en blomstrende renessansekultur; særlig teateret hadde en storhetstid med William Shakespeare og Christopher Marlowe blant de største navnene.

I sin politikk fulgte hun ingen faste linjer, men forstod i de avgjørende øyeblikk å velge det som var mest fordelaktig for hennes rike og henne selv. Hun sympatiserte med katolisismen, men gjennomførte reformasjonen i England ved å innføre den episkopale kirkeforfatning med kronen som øverste kirkelige makt. Hun ble nesten tvunget til dette av hensyn til Spania og paven, som ikke ville anerkjenne henne som ektefødt.


The Sea Change

Ernest Hemingway’s “The Sea Change” was first published in The Quarter in 1931, and again in Winner Take Nothing in 1933. In the story, we have the theme of pride, acceptance, forgiveness, independence, sexuality and conflict.

The story takes place in Paris in a bar, where a couple is supposedly in the story. The man’s name was Phil, and the girl is unnamed, and from the story we can grasp that the couple has an age difference, but they are still considered a young couple. It becomes clear to the reader that the man is aware that his girlfriend has cheated on him but what surprises him more is the fact that she has had a relationship with another woman. Even though he was cheated on, he still accepted the fact that she was interested in women too, because he respected the fact that it was difficult for her to tell, due to the time period that the story was told in.

The story ends with the girl leaving the bar, and Phil talking to the bartender “James”.  James is unaware of the conflict that exists within the man over his girlfriend’s sexuality. He is also unaware of their conversation and the difficulties that the man is encountering while trying to accept his girlfriend’s sexuality. When Phil was repeating “I am a different man” to James, he doesn´t understand that Phil meant that he was now in a relationship with someone who did not love him as much as he wanted her to do.

The Good Lie

In the movie, brotherhood is an important concept. When the three brothers moved to Kansas City in the US together, you could easily tell that they enjoyed each others company. Not only did they love being together, but they also protected one another. When for example Paul started doing drugs he wasn´t acting like his normal self, and all the brothers had to do was to calm him down and he stopped doing it. They showed him compassion, and accepted that he found it a hard time to live in the US and that he is struggling. Just them doing the most simple things like eating pizza together showed how much they cared for each other because they were so happy together while doing these types of things.

The impressions we are left with after watching their bond in the movie is that even though you are going through something rough or something as difficult as what they went through, you can be happy if you are surrounded by the right people. Even though you might have a bad day, it can be turned completely upside down if you are with people that you love. These brothers have real love for each other, and that is what made them fight through hard times together.

Problems under the sea

Under the sea, we are currently facing a lot of problems. The biggest problem that we are facing is today is all the plastic that is under the ocean. Thousands and thousands of whales, fishes, sea turtles etc. experiences inhaling plastic, and they end up with not having enough space in them for food. Then the plastic will become more and more fatal and the fishes might end up dying.  Since there is so much plastic there and we can´t really get rid off it all in the sea, we can only try to save what we can on land and in the sea.

We watched a documentary called “The Plastic Whale”, and it was about a whale in Norway that was found dying on the coast with 30 plastic bags in its stomach. While watching it I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing. The reason why is because I didn’t know it was this much of an issue. I didn’t know they could inhale that much plastic, to the point where they could end up dead. How this movie made an impact on me, was that it made me so much aware that plastic is more dangerous than it looks. It made me realize that just doing small things like recycling plastic can save lives from the ocean. I never would have thought that plastic could easily kill something that easily, and honestly it kind of scares me. A life in the sea means as much as us humans do, and that is why I want to help them.

If us humans were to put more effort in helping the life in the sea, we could definitely save a lot of lives. We will never be able to save all lives, by the fact that there is already so much plastic in the sea, but we could still make a huge impact on saving them. An easy thing we could all do is to recycle, and also help out the community by picking up plastic we see outside. Simple things like this aren´t as simple as we think it is, because we save lives by doing it.


First of all what photojournalism is a particular form of journalism that employs images in order to tell a news story. The purpose of photojournalism is to create pictures that contribute to the news media, and help communities connect with one other. Photojournalism is distinguished from other close branches of photography (for example documentary photography or celebrity photography) by complying with a rigid ethical framework which demands that the work be both honest and impartial whilst telling the story in strictly journalistic terms.People gather for the Women's March in Washington, January 21. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

The photo above is an example of a photojournalistic photo. In the photo, you can see a lot of men and women that are protesting for women’s right, and you can tell that is the reason because they are protesting since they are wearing pink clothing items which symbolizes the women gender. The day they protested was on January 21st, and more than 500,000 men and women gathered on the National Mall for the “Women’s March on Washington” to protest the election of President Donald Trump. What i think is so great about this photo is that both women and men protested for the women´s right. That shows that men care as much for women´s rights as women do. The message it carries is that everyone should gather together to fight together, then it will be easier to be noticed by the people and the media.


“Spotlight” is a 2015 American biographical drama film. It is based on a series of stories by the “Spotlight” team that earned The Globe the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. The film follows The Boston Globes “Spotlight” team, the oldest continuously operating newspaper investigative journalist unit in the United States, and its investigation into cases of widespread and systemic child sex abuse in the Boston area by many Roman Catholic priests.

What I learned from the movie is that there might be a lot more abuse happening in places you would never expect there to be. Like for example in the movie, the spotlight team started to uncover a pattern of sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Massachusetts, and they ended up with finding out that there should be approximately 90 abusive priests in Boston, which is 6 % of the of the priests. Something else I learned is that the best way for the investigators to find out answers is when the victims come forward telling their stories. That is also very helpful for the victims because they might have held the information inside of them for so long, considering that they might have been too scared to come forward with their stories.

When it comes to what I personally thought of the movie was that it was not really a movie for me, considering I never watch movies in this genre. It didn’t really leave a good impression on me because I found it quite boring and it was hard to concentrate while watching it. The storyline in itself is very good because it has this empowering message where when the people come together as one, they find a way to solve a big problem.


The movie “Lion” was released in 2016, and the director of the film is Garth Davis. It is about a five-year-old Indian boy who gets lost on the streets of Calcutta, which is thousands of kilometers from home. He survives many challenges before being adopted by a couple in Australia. 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost family. We saw the movie on Wednesday, and I loved the message of the movie.

I loved the storyline of the movie, and it had a lot of different touchy and beautiful scenes. One that I found very sad was when Saroo´s adoptive mother told him the reason why she chose to adopt him and his brother. She told him that she wanted them because they would rather help out two boys in need, and save them from the conditions they were in. Since the movie has such drastic and sad moments, they make you think about how lucky you are that you live in a country that doesn´t experience these things. You also start to realize even more that people go through things that your mind cant even imagine happening. I never realized why they called the movie Lion since it didn´t have anything to do with the movie. But at the end of the movie, you find out that Saroo was mispronouncing his own name wrong, which was actually Sheru, which means Lion.

When movies do these types of things, makes them way more interesting than they really are. When you think that you know everything about the movie, and then these huge plot twists come around, and everything that you thought you knew, were wrong. These plot twists make me love the movies even more and especially in this movie. Overall I liked the movie, but that was only because of the message and the story. It isn´t my normal type of movie to watch, but I liked the plot so much, that it became good.

Leave no country behind

The past 15 years saw the most rapid decline in global poverty ever, with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) of halving the global poverty rate reached several years ahead of schedule. The world is shifting from an era where poverty was concentrated in large, rapidly growing economies to an era where poverty will increasingly be concentrated in a number of smaller economies facing deeper structural challenges. SOTCs are now the heart of the development challenge and should be the focus of the international community’s attention. They have a goal of ending poverty in the toughest places. The other goal that they have is to end extreme poverty everywhere by 2030.

My thoughts on this are that it is an amazing goal to try to accomplish. It is a goal that will change the world if it ends with success. Something I feel like won’t happen is that we won’t be able to end all poverty to 2030. We need many more decades or even centuries to be able to pursue that goal.




The reluctant fundamentalist​

In international English class, we have both read and seen the movie “The reluctant fundamentalist”. The novel came out in 2007, and the movie was made five years later in 2012. They were both written by Mohsin Hamid. Both the movie and the book´s themes are terrorism, relation, and love. Even though the movie was based on the book, they both contained major differences. The movie still has the same storyline, but most of the events in the movie were different. Both of the stories take place in an outdoor Lahore café, where a bearded Pakistani man called Changez tells an American about his love affair with an American woman, and his eventual abandonment of America.

The difference in the stories is that in the book we don´t know who the American is, but in the movie he has a name, which is Bobby. We also get to know that he is a CIA agent and a journalist, and he is in Pakistan to have an interview with Changez. Also, Changez knew the American´s identity in the movie, and he knew it from the minute he stepped foot in the Cafe. He told him a lot about Erica, who was his girlfriend in America, and there are many differences about her. In the book, Changez met Erica during a vacation, while in the movie, they met in a park where she was currently working. She was a photographer and an artist in the movie, but she was an author in the book.

Erica didn´t really talk much about Chris in the movie, but in the book she talked a lot about him. In the book, Erica became mentally ill because she grieved so much over Chris, and she went to an institution to get better. She ended up with escaping and committing suicide. Erica also confessed her love to Changez in the movie, where she made a “gallery of their love”, which is the words she used to describe the gallery. They became more of a couple because they got more involved in each other’s work in the movie.

After Changez had told Bobby that he knew his identity, Bobby grabbed his bag and gun and went up to the loft where he and Changez could talk more privately. In the book, we didn´t get to know if he had a gun or not. The author gave us a hint about his bulge that might have been a gun, but he never confirmed that it was a gun. Changez knew Bobby from a picture he saw of him after his uncle got stabbed. While they were talking, Professor Rainier had been kidnapped and was held as a hostage by someone Bobby thought Changez was working with. The reason why he thought that, was because he had seen Changez receiving a picture of the professor´s dead body. Bobby threatened him with a gun, and they went out to a big crowd of angry people. In the movie Changez was a part of a bigger demonstration than in the book, he fought against America in a nonviolent way, even though he was a lover of America. He found out after he got shot in the leg, that Changez sent a message to his sister, not to the people he thought he did too.

Both of the stories ended in reality with Changez and the American. The difference with the endings was that it happened in two completely different places. The book ended with Changez and the American walking along the street, and the American feeling paranoid because of the people behind them. He reached into his pocket, and then it just stops. When it comes to my personal opinion about what it could have been, I think it was a gun, since Changez saw him having a bulge in his pants earlier. The ending of the movie was completely different since it happened in a room with Bobby, where he listened to the recording of Changez’s voice. Something we will never know is what Bobby will use the recording for.

So in conclusion, the ending of the stories was completely different. From the beginning to the middle of the film, it was almost the exact same as in the book. There were a few differences before all of this, but it wasn´t until Changez quit his job in the movie when it all got different from the book. The complete opposite happened in the book, when Changez got fired from his job. In the book, they were in the café the whole time, but in the movie they went out to the loft and also outside. All of the differences I mentioned was the most important ones in my opinion, but there were also more little ones. Like for example, he was more with his family in the book, then in the movie. Overall I think that the movie was actually better than the book because it had a more interesting story, and had a lot more nerve-racking moments.



The Reluctant Fundamentalist​

The novel “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” is written by a Pakistani author named Mohsin Hamid, and it was published in 2007. The novel uses the technique of a frame story, which is a literary technique that sometimes serves as a companion piece to a story within a story. the story takes place during the course of a single evening in an outdoor Lahore cafe, where a bearded Pakistani man called Changez tells an American stranger about his love affair with an American woman, and his eventual abandonment of America.

So far I have read till chapter 10, and it leaves a good impression on me. Even though the book can have a difficult language and sentences, it is still a good book. The story is so good and seems almost real. Even though the book is not a typical type of book for me to read, I still find it a bit interesting because of the story that the main character tells the stranger. Something that makes the book so different from anything I have ever read is the way the author has written the book. He has written it so you only see the conversation between the main character and the stranger through Changez perspective. So the conversations they have only shown what Changez says, and we don’t really get much of the stranger’s responses, other than his facial expressions, attitude, and short answers. This makes the story so much more interesting because you are left with questions after reading each chapter.

Since we never know what the stranger/American is thinking, it makes us as readers wonder more about the other character. The thing that i personally think the most about when it comes to the book, is why the American is in Pakistan in the first place. The author drops small hints of the reason to why he traveled there, like for example in the beginning of chapter 10 when Changez saw a bulge in the strangers pants and immediately thought it was a gun. The gun he is carrying might be for a potential job or mission he might have, and that is why he traveled. That question is what annoys me the most out of the story, but is also the most interesting thing about the story, since it is such a big mystery.

Something that makes the story more special, is that the author not only wrote it from the main character’s perspective, but he made it look like he was talking to the readers. In conclusion, this novel has a lot of differences from any other book out there, and it makes it very unique. From any other thing I have ever read, this has been the hardest to read and understand, but that is not a bad thing at all. That makes it very informative and educational.